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What is it?

corundum is the rewriten, brand-new version of sapphire. It is a steganographic program that will take text you have written, and encode it as a picture. The text can be encoded with Blowfish for more secure encryption. corundum will now store the text in any of the 4* layers in a picture. The encoded text is now easily hidden with the new location, and shade features of corundum.

*You must be using a 32bit picture to utilize the Alpha layer, or else only the red, blue, and green layers of a picture are editable.


The resulting picture will be a BMP, PNG, or TIF file. These are the only 3 popular file formats that retain encoding details in 32bits. If the pictures are compressed after being stamped, the stamp could be lost, thus JPEG files are fundamentaly flawed for steganography.


$9 for one license, and $14 for a two-person licence for you and your friend. All who purchased sapphire previous to March 16, 2002 are entitled to a free upgrade. Please e-mail PreciousGem for a serial number.

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System Requirements

Mac OS 8.5 or higher, including OS X

Encryption Abilities

•Blowfish encryption has now been added. Your text can be up to 128 bit encoded!

•Encryption algorithms are expensive, and involve all sorts of legal issues. Because of this it is difficult to implement encryption schemes such as PGP.


Augmentation Abilities

•Shading now can make your text almost invisble, or at least less conspicuous.

•The 4 layers used for 32bit pictures allow for more versatility when attempting to be subtle.

•You can now determine the location of the encoded text in your picture to hide it better.

•Borders can be automaticly added as a place to hide encrypted text.

•Statistics are now easily available to check your picture.

•Simple decryption allows for no-hassles.

•Easily preview your fimal product

Features in Next Version:

•Backwards compatability with sapphire (I am working hard to get this accomplished)

•Drag & Drop decryption

•Better preview method for picture (please send Suggestions!)