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What is it?

sapphire is a steganographic program that will take text you have written, and encode it as a picture. It can now be encoded with Blowfish for more secure encryption. sapphire will then augment the encrypted picture to an existing JPEG, GIF, or BMP image so that you may transfer the image to a friend. Once they receive the image, they can decrypt the picture using your password, revealing the text you typed.

sapphire can now Text Stamp images so that the information can be decoded by anyone! This allows for people to stamp original images with thier name, or other textual content.


The resulting picture will be a BMP, or a PNG file. These are the only 2 popular file formats that are stable enough to retain encoding details. If the pictures are compressed after being stamped, the stamp could be lost.


$7 for one license, and $12 for a two-person licence for you and your friend.

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System Requirements

Mac OS 8.5 or higher, including OS X

Encryption Abilities

•Blowfish encryption has now been added. Your text can be up to 448 bit encoded!

•Base64 conversion also has been enabled so that your text can be more secure

•Encryption algorithms are expensive, and involve all sorts of legal issues. Because of this it is difficult to implement encryption schemes such as PGP.

•I will try to implement every type of encryption I can find that doesn't cost much money, and if you do register, that money goes towards purchasing stronger encryption algorithms.

Augmentation Abilities

• Stamp text so that everyone can translate it, but few can find it!

•Put your encoded file at the bottom of your picture

•"Scatter" the encoded file through-out your picture to look more subtle.